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“I just want to say thank you for the fantastic VI football day. The girls absolutely loved their day, and I was so impressed by the kindness, patience and good humour shown by all the coaches! It was truly inclusive on all kinds of levels and I had so much fun as a parent watching the youngsters.” - Parent of player at Bloomsbury Football.
“This was such a fantastic experience that was so well received by the entire agency. Thank you for the most memorable day that will change how we all approach teamwork, disability, and life.” - Becca Rawlings, Total Media.
“It was lovely to meet your team. The children had an incredibly enlightening day - as did the staff! I have reiterated the positive impact and understanding that your sessions will have on our children, both now and as they mature into young adults, and the knock-on effect that this will have on our local community."- The Ferns.
“What an amazing session it was honestly!  I know it got a lot of people thinking. I was blown away with how confident and mature the speaker was at public speaking and getting his message across, he was amazing!  Certainly, goes down as one of my best days at Manpower to date.” – ManpowerGroup.
“I wanted to check-in to say thanks so much for delivering the session on Wednesday! It was brilliant how the Interpreters responded so positively. I think you have really motivated them for the upcoming programmes.” – National Football Museum.
“I loved being able to ask questions and talk to and I loved that they were not worried or uncomfortable with answering things ... I think it would be amazing to talk to other people like this as it helps develop knowledge for course."- Pupil from Boston college.
“What a day! Every one of our pupils absolutely loved it. One of my pupils has made a friend for life. Everyone thought they'd been friends for years but they'd only just met." -  Dan Stroker, Manchester Sensory Support TeaM.
“I would like to share with you an observation that I made after your session: the group notably took more care and time when guiding/communicating with Zoya (A visually impaired member of the class) after your session than I had witnessed during the first part of the day, and this behaviour continued throughout the entire programme. It was really lovely to see." - Blueprint For All.
“It taught us that it is good to ask questions if we are not sure, and it showed us that there are no limitations. We can do anything we want to do. Challenges can be overcome.” - Sophie and the Reception team at Harwood Park Primary School.
“It has really opened my mind to lots of opportunities around my place of work and personal life where small changes can be made that will have a positive impact on people."- Employee, Carrs Pasties.
“The session was great. A perfect balance between practical experience and classroom insight to better develop the teams understanding of disability football. The feedback from members of the team has been nothing but positive, lots of things to build on with any future learning. Thanks Learn with ESS!" - Manchester FA.
“We all came away so much more knowledgeable about the considerations which we should be making in our everyday lives! If you're looking for somebody to teach your team about equality, diversity and inclusivity drop Learn with ESS a message!"- Nick Shepherd Business Growth Hub.
“If you're looking to support your team with some training around broadening understanding of the challenges people face, I highly recommend looking up Learn With ESS."- Gavin Astley, Carrs Pasties.
“The coaches took part in activities wearing blindfolds and ear defenders, to understand football from the perspective of a young person with a visual and hearing impairment. It was truly empowering and further equipped the coaches to engage young people with multiple needs in their sessions." - London Youth Games.
“Honestly, the children and staff are still talking about your visit last week! They really were so inspired by all of the things that you have achieved. I know that they have definitely found more empathy and show more understanding of how challenging life can be but how to overcome those challenges and be grateful for what you have." - Zaira Cook, Headteacher.
“The skills of communication, listening, teamwork and empathy were strongly developed through the session, and we anticipate that this will make a difference to the success of the groups involved throughout the year.  The activities helped the groups to get to know each other and work effectively together at this early part of the year.” – Rebecca Clark, Boston College.  
“Learn with ESS engaged students and staff in a unique activity, using blindfolds and a sensory football. This hands-on experience fostered empathy and understanding, breaking down barriers and promoting inclusivity. A powerful reminder to continue fostering an environment where everyone's potential can shine, regardless of challenges."  - Local London.
“It really put into reality, the importance of adapting and communicating to make coaching inclusive which is what the apprentices need to develop on to be successful in their apprenticeship so thank you!"– CoachCore, Manchester.
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